Questions marked with a * are required Exit Survey
* 1. What are the legal options for homeschooling in Colorado?
A teacher with a current Colorado teaching license
Home-Based Education Law - Filing a Notice of Intent (NOI) to homeschool with a Colorado school district 
Non-Public School Law - Enrolling in a private ("umbrella" or "independent")
school located in Colorado that allows you to teach your children at home 
All of the above
* 2. At what age (as of August 1st) is a child's parent required to submit an NOI or enroll them in an independent school?
Age 5
Age 6
Age 7
Age 8
3. If you live in Colorado and plan to enroll in a private/independent/umbrella school, where must that school be located?
Anywhere in the USA
Anywhere in the world
In the state of Colorado
In your school district
* 4. Which legal homeschooling option lists "Honor and Use of the Flag" as a required subject?
Home-Based Education Law (Homeschool Law or NOI)
Non-Public School Law (Independent schools)
Under a licensed teacher
All of the above
* 5. Which of the following credentials would qualify a person to be able to professionally evaluate a student in Colorado? (mark all that apply)
Has a current Colorado teacher's license
Is employed by an independent or parochial school
Is a licensed psychologist
Has a graduate degree in education

* 6. If your family follows the Non-Public School Law and you are enrolled in a private/independent school, how often do immunization records or exemptions need to be submitted?
Every six months
Only once, when you enroll
Every school year
Dependent on the school's policies
* 7. According to both the Home-Based Education Law and the Non-Public School Law, how many days of instruction are required every school year?
162 days
172 days
182 days
192 days
* 8. Under the Home-Based Education Law, who can legally sign a student's diploma when they graduate high school?
The student's parents
The private or independent school in which the student is enrolled
The Colorado Department of Education
The local public school principal
* 9. What documentation is required for all homeschooling families to file with the State of Colorado?
Immunization records (or an exemption)
Test records
Attendance records
None of the above
* 10. When choosing the option to homeschool by enrolling in a private/independent "umbrella" school, does the school file a NOI on your behalf?
Yes, the school will take care of it for you.
No, private/independent "umbrella" schools follow the non-public school law, not the home-based education law, and are not required to file an NOI for their students.
* 11. When you are enrolled in a non-public private/independent "umbrella" school, should you also file a NOI with your school district?
Yes, it's required by law.
Yes, it's good to have all your bases covered.
No, you are now under the non-public school law and are not required to follow the home-based education law.
* 12. What laws are a non-public private/independent "umbrella" school required to follow?
Home-based education law
Non-public school law
Public school law
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